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EVS #2 - 13 March

EVS #2 - 13 March

The inspiration I needed at the beginning I received from mentors in Narbonne at the the volunteering seminar. After coming back, I reconsidered the importance of revealing oneself (yourself) and sharing our preferences, opinions and values as well as dislikes.. Being open is a kind of invitation to others. I changed my approach in a self-presentation that helped me a lot to increase the connection with the students.

What was valuable for me is the experience of spending time with students in ways that are significantly different: as a guest/spectator on lessons, as an organizer of English games during a class with their teacher, as a lesson facilitator and during meals. During the meals we have a chance to be in less-formal atmosphere, I can answer their personal questions and make jokes about different things. The most pleasant for me became the  moments when students show teaching initiative to explain me new French words. These moments make it a lot of fun for all of us.

Here are some insights that I gained during the last few weeks while I was participating in school activities/lessons:
-      Educational approach – you create a safe environment where young people can express themselves freely, take decisions and mainly learn together in an interactive and experiential way.
-        The content and results of discussions are more important than the exercise itself.
-        "Give a man to fish you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime" – this approach works for students as their not only getting tools “to fish” but also receive “critical questions” to navigate their way. Questions that are commonly used and easily applicable to any situation: Why is this relevant to me/others? What is another perspective? Where can we get more information? Why is this the best/worst scenario? etc.

Over the weekends, I had an opportunity to witness the organization and realization of the contest “Concours de CSO et dressage” in La Roche Sur-Yon. I’m very heartly-open to different types of events as it is related to my professional background. The event was organized by students MFR Bournezeau and for them its a great experience and they achieved a lot.

Later this week I had an unusual experience by participating in the lesson with dogs training. Probably, this is something that you can not understand by just watching. But once you try it, you experience your own emotional changes and explore your level of emotional intelligence. How to get the dog to come to you in a safe, effective manner? How you can trainee a dog using positive reinforcement? How good you can adapt yourself to a situation and feel a dog mood and behavior, even without looking? With this lesson they include children in dog training activities, gain feeling of responsibility for taking control under situation and nonverbal emotional connection with an animal.
We are look forward to “Portes ouvertes” at the end of this week as it's another opportunity to get to know each other a little bit better.