Bienvenue à Oksana

Salut à tous

My name is Oksana and I am a new volunteer at « MFR Bournezeau ». Let me tell you more about myself.

I am 23 years old and I am from Ukraine.

Education :


I did my Bacholor’s degree in the major of International relations and Master degree in Economics. In Ukraine we usually finish high school by the age of 18 and higher education by the age of 22. When I was 17 I went to a university in Poland where I did my both BA and MA studies. During the studies I would also participate in different volunteering and exchange programs trying to learn new languages and get to know people from all around the world.

Volunteer Experience :

Volunteering with AIESEC in Brazil : In Brazil I was teaching English to kids aged from 7 to 12 years old ; supporting the local teachers in their duties, developing presentation and multicultural skills and getting in touch with Brazilian culture.

Volunteering with AIESEC in Morocco : I chose this project because I wanted to develop SMM skills in a new country. During the program, I was writing post about Tangier city and the insights of Moroccan culture, collecting informations by traveling around the country and

promoting AIESEC’s projects.

Volunteering with European Solidarity Corps in Italy : The project’s aim was promoting social consciousness regarding the post-earthquake recovery of the area ; helping with the organization of artistic workshops and languages classes ; doing activities with kids and supporting people with disabilities.

Professional experiences :

My biggest professional experience is in the Online CRS Adverting position with Rusian and Ukrainian in Krakow (6 months) : assisting customers with account optimization through various communication channels ; delivering efficient troubleshooting and query resolution ; collaborating with other departments to resolve customer escalations within agreed timelines.

Interests :

Books : I like to read fantasy, a little bit of science fiction and a little bit of a classic genre. Currently, I am into "Americal Gods" by Neil Gaiman.

Board games : I like this type of activity because playing board games with friends is super interactive, competing and engaging.

Yoga practice : during the lockdown I discovered for myself yoga. I continue practicing it as it helps me a lot to feel healthy and be in a good state of mind.

Traveling : Everytime I have the possibility, I try to go to a concert in a new country, volunteer or visit my friends in different cities. It makes me feel more inspired and active.

Learning new languages : In Ukraine, we usually speak Russian and Ukrainian. I also learned Polish during my studies as it is getting more popular among Ukrainians to study abroad. Hope that one day I will master my French too.

Why did I decide to become a volunteer in MFR Bournezeau ?

Citizenship and participation : Nowadays it is highly necessary to broaden the horizons of partenership, cooperation and solidarity in Europe.

Activities with youth : I enjoy playing with kids and doing activities with youth. It teaches how to be more aware and social.

Learning more about French language and culture : I will be happy to more about France from the insight perspective.

Developing new skills : Volunteering is always complex. You never know what kind of new skills you will develop.

Meeting new people : Practicing languages while communicating with people is a great way to get in touch with a culture.

Thank you ????