16/11/2019 Liza #1

Premier retour de Liza qui passe l'année scolaire à la MFR de BOURNEZEAU comme volontaire du CES

My full name is Yelyzaveta, but it’s too hard to pronounce for European people, especially for the French. So, shortly I am called Liza, but my cronies in Ukraine call me also Lizochka, Lizka, Lizunia or Elizabeth. I like all the options. I was born in a small city Kamyanets-Podilskiy on the West of Ukraine. I have been living there for 15 years, and after I entered the university in Chernivtsi and moved. It’s not very far from my native city, only 2 hours. When I finished the department of French-Ukrainian translation, it was raised a question: “What to do?”. My parents didn’t suppress me, they tried even to help me. Nevertheless, it was my task. So during the summer, I tried to understand what I want and what I need. Moreover, I aimed not to lose my language skills. And at this moment, my elder sister gave me an idea to try myself in volunteering abroad for a long term. As every human life is aimed at an extensive path. The decision about the direction of motion can dramatically change the course of events. So I decided to try myself. I wasn’t hard to submit an application; it was hard to slap it in my face…I’m going to live alone in another country.

So, it’s France. Now I’m a part of MFR Bournezeau as an EVS Volunteer. My departure here started with a lot of students’ regards on me. They had a diner and I just broke in this action. It scared me a little, but then I perceived that they were just interested in me and my fears disappeared. The next day, I had 2 lessons of English, where I presented myself and Ukraine. During all next week, I tried to understand the system of the school and to dive in all the aspects of their life. Everybody was very pleasant to me, proposed the help or just asked if everything is okay. I was really impressed of the level of kindness of the people in France. Further, the teachers are so helpful, that I wasn’t even shy to ask something. Yes, I was learning French in university, but I had always a big gap in speaking, especially with new people. It calls linguistic divide. But I didn’t feel uncomfortable here, I didn’t and I don’t hesitate to make mistakes in what I’m talking. It really works, because with every next mistake, I’m learning! Sometimes, it’s easier to express my minds in English, but one the teachers, Katy, interdicted me to talk in English (it’s very cute from her side to carry me and my French) as I need to improve my French. And she’s right!!!

With the new country, it came also the new rules in my life. For example, the children have a schedule according to which, they have to go to bed in 22.00 pm. To be sure, that they are there, after this time there is no network here. Sooo yeess, I also go to bed early. As I’m a child of 21 century, I’m also touched the problem with the excessive use the gadgets. Plus one advantage of my being here. With the lessons of English, I practice my French more and more: can you imagine to explain one foreign language with the help of another? It’s a task, that makes your brain work so fast and in all directions. Before this volunteering, I teached English the children, so I could imagine what it is. Not in the first time, I made change my mind about this profession. It’s not for everyone, and the teachers in MFR make all possible students to get good knowledge. Every student is like their own child, they try to help them, to explain, to give a nudge sometimes. It’s unbelievable! I’m a very observant person, so I saw a lot of unique particularities. Every day here is like a new life, it differs all the time. But I really like it. 

There is a men, Denry who likes to pass the time with students. Everybody adores him. He’s very kind and funny. He always invents something cool to make laugh the students and entertain them after all day long. Once, we backed cookies, and it was really fun. I helped me to become more close with others. After the diner, everybody tasted it, it was very tasty. 

Despite even the bad weather, the excursions are never borings. You just take a look at this photo!!!

And I really got a lot of new things. Frist of all, It’s about people of ripe years. They are doing a LOT of sport ( they are regard as a competitor), they devote a lot of time for themselves and the most important thing that I’ve noticed – they hold hands! Can you imagine, they are not already 20, but they still have a fire inside. The new generation have to learn this!
And what I’ve got here, it’s that such an experience gives an incredible opportunity for self-development. Since my identity is only forming, it will be a brick for the future which will grow into a sturdy building. If the house is built on a good foundation and it is incorporated of the best bricks, it will give an excellent chance to expand the horizons in the future. Knowing yourself is equally important factor of a person’s wide horizon. By the way, earlier I was doing sport, but then I quit it. And now, when all the years went by, I found myself in tennis. If somebody told me it a few years ago, I would laughed I can assure you. And it’s Jean-Jé, the men which works here, helped me in it. Now, I'm in sixes and sevens, why I didn't do it ealier??

So, It’s only 2 months, that I’m here. There is more to come…