14/06/2023 Article sur la mobilité écrit par les jeunes de 3e

On Monday morning, we were welcomed by Diane, a teacher, and students in a progessional high school in Lunen in the West North of Germany.  

We had lunch with all students and in the afternoon, we went to Lunen to do an activity with some students. During the week, some of us stayed at an hostel and some in host families.  

On Tuesday, we visited the federal Stud and a breeding in Warendorf.  

On Wednesday, we went to Munster where we did shopping, we visited a church and a museum about the city. We learnt that it is the city of bikes. In the evening, we did a barbecue all together and we played football with German students.  

On Thursday morning, we had lessons with german students : politic-economy, english, french, physical education, biology, music and maths. In the afternoon, we went to Dortmund where we visited all the city and a museum. They love football there.  

We loved the meetings with families and students, doing shopping, visiting new cities and a new country.