05/02/2022 – Premiers retours de Lorenzo

My first week in the MFR school was a very positive experience. The students were all very welcoming and the teachers as well were all very gentle towards me.

Many students are very sociable and during meal times I got to know some of them, there is definitely a language barrier between us because I can’t speak perfect French and they naturally speak rapidly and with slang words, like all young people, so I often struggle to understand, but they are all very kind and try to find ways to get their message through thanks to synonyms or by asking to one of their mates who is skilled in English. Unfortunately a minority of students knows English but it’s quite normal everywhere.

The food in the canteen was very nice, one thing that stood out to me was how the French see their beloved cheese as a meal to eat before the dessert whereas in Italy it’s eaten at any time of the day, just an interesting cultural difference 😊

I witnessed some classes and I was quite surprised to see the way of teaching in this school that’s surely not conventional but definitely more engaging for students that come from widely different backgrounds.

This school organizes quite a lot of extra activities I participated to, a tech-savvy history museum, an interactive theatre play about bullying where the students could change the story to adjust the mistakes made by the character and finally the horse-riding activities that all students partake in.