05/02/2020 Liza #2

Hey, it's again me, the VSE of the MFR, Liza. It's already been 4 months, as I work here and there are lots of things, that happened to me and even more, what I've understood.


First of all, I'm really thankful to the school for all support and opportunities, that they provide me. I guess, I've never felt so much comfortable in a new place with totally new people. Even the students, they're constantly trying to help me in any case, to explain smth and what I really appreciate - they correct my French "Madam, il ne faut pas dire comme ça" and they explain why I shouldn't say something. All my colleagues take in lots of staffs with the sense of humor, even if I did smth wrong. Nevertheless, the greatest possibility, that I have at my volunteering was my trip to Narbonne for the seminar with other VSE.

To be truth, it was so great and magnificent trip, I couldn't even imagine, despite some histories that happened to me. The session in Narbonne was just for volunteers, to meet new people (we were 30 persons by the way), to motivate us, to answer to all our questions or demands or to help to resolve a problem, to make us communicate in a different way in totally different situations with people from other part of the world. Throught the use of the workshops and activities, we've got to know so much things about each other, about our cultures, even about the details of the pronunciation in our languages ( we needed to learn some phrases in completely another language of our partner.). There were some workshops, at first sight they were too simple and just to enjoy, but after we understood that nothing was just for fun. Every game was like our life, with some changes, sometimes misunderstood, with different rules. So that way we were feeling during workshops, were are feeling during our volunteering work. Moreover, I was my case of feelings, now you will understand. I arrived the last one, because I missed my train and needed to look for a hotel for a night. So for me, it was the most uncomfortable to be presented for 30 people in 2 languages. But after, everybody asked me what happened, how I was feeling, if everything was ok etc. And I was so surprised and inspired, I wanted to talk to everybody and my constraint just disappeared. I was even shocked a little bit, ahaha. Because in the first day, we talked to each other like we had been known for many years each other. I found friends from Brazil, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Tunis and Great Britain. Can you believe? Me no. So many people, and so many countries.

Secondly, this week gave me like a super power. I’m really inspired to do something. I’d like to make my personal project, which will have 2 different parts. The first one, I’d like to make a little movie or presentation about our cutest and the youngest students, to make bright their lives in MFR. Also. I’d like to make some lessons for the theme “Independence and Liberty”, what is quite actual nowadays. I hope they will be interested in this brainstorms.
It’s only the equator of my being here. What happens next?