02/06/2022 Articles de jeunes de 3ème sur des activités du voyage d’étude


The American cemetry was created in the honor of american soldiers dead in 1944. We visited it on Tuesday during our school trip. There are two kind of graves for Jews soldiers or other soldiers. They are in front of OMAHA Beach. There are a chapel in the cemetry and the memorial in the place.  

We were very happy to be able to visit this monument because we often see it on social media.  

Valéria, Kimbo et Coline, 3ème 


The Caen Memorial is essentially reserved to the second world war that took place between 1939 and 1945. We visited it on Wednesday during our school trip. We did activities that were very interesting : several films, bunker, museum, educational activities.  

We have a positive opinion about the Caen Memorial, it was interesting and very good.  

Then, we visited the city of Caen and we went to a terrace and we drank a glass of soda with our teacher.  

Thelma et Lucie, 3ème