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#3 March 27 – EVS Nataliia s'approprie la conduite en France

March 27 – EVS, EVS surrounds us with supportive people
Volunteering provides opportunities to meet new people constantly. Not just from your workplace. They share their experience and discoveries. You can significantly expand your social network that makes this experience priceless and so refreshing.

What were the latest overall observations from people who I was talking to about our experience in France?
Politeness as a general characteristic of society. Simple examples: if someone slightly unpurposed touches you he/she will excuse; people are always holding a door open for a person behind; etc. Yes, it's normal, but here it's more visible.
The others told that cuisines topics are highly in demand. People are enjoying food and drinks and always open to maintain such conversation.

The attitude towards cars and traveling in general is different. It seems to be so easy to grab stuff and go for a journey for weekend. To change one place to another. At a time when for many Ukrainians it’s something huge. It’s an accurate planned event that need to be prepared. This is not happening in such easy-going and relaxed way.
And actually, a pleasant part of my experience here is a car driving. I drive a car in Ukraine but didn't expect that I will improve my skills abroad so soon.
My main duty, where I need a car, is to pick up some students from the train station in La Roche Sur-Yon and drive them to the school every Sunday. That’s a part of weekly routine. But during special events I can be asked to drive as well for other needs.
Driving brings me great feelings here. I was driving several times during sunset, it’s something stunning, especially after rain. I had a feeling that the sky is lower, and I was driving straight to the wall of beautiful clouds. The sky color palette here contains beautiful purple tones.
The traffic in my region is flowing smoothly, so I don’t feel any discomfort. France have a lot of polite drivers. A roundabout is something that I discovered for myself in a new way. I didn't expect to face so many mini-roundabouts in a city traffic and quite often they are hard noticeable in small cities and villages. However, statistically, modern roundabouts are safer for drivers. Because low speeds are required for traffic entering roundabouts, they are physically designed to slow traffic entering the junction.
And despite of all effort to increase the road safety, “the little car” exist that you can drive without a licence. I was really surprised to find out about this. Anyone aged 14 or over car that can take out on the road this small two-seater car (VSP a voiture sans permis). Nevertheless, one person told me that he would prefer his kid drives a car like this than a motorbike. And it is hard to disagree.
It’s nice having people around to share your findings, thoughts, insights with. To travel and explore together.